The Framework for Dialogue process was initiated in Myanmar in mid-2012, with a first face-to-face dialogue meeting taking place in November 2012.

National Working Group 

The working group includes Myanmar Positive Group (MPG), Myanmar Interfaith Network on AIDS (MINA) and UNAIDS Myanmar.

Initial Face-To-Face Dialogue Meeting

Some 40 people took part in this first face-to-face meeting, with balanced representation of both religious leaders and people living with HIV from the four main faith traditions practiced in Myanmar: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. The participants agreed upon some 13 areas for follow-up work, as well as 7 issues for further dialogue. An official report is available from the working group, with an EAA press release accessible online.

Ongoing Collaboration and Dialogue

The working group is currently working to ensure follow-up to the dialogue meeting by indentifying key priority activities. Working group members from Myanmar shared their experiences during a regional dialogue that took place in Bangkok in June 2013.

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